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How to download / 如何下载

We provide three ways to download App at full speed for free.


[Cloud Drive / 云盘下载]()

Full speed free cloud drive. / 不限速云盘

  1. Directly download.
  2. Full speed.

IPFS.IO / 星际文件系统

Distributed decentralized storage system. / 去中心化文件存储系统

  1. Directly download.
  2. Some countries or regions are not accessible, you need to use vpn or other similar tools.
  3. The download speed depends on your network.
  4. For more information about ipfs, click here to go to the official website.

IPFS.Local / IPFS代理

Local proxy api for / 本地IPFS代理接口

  1. First of all, you need download the IPFS app from the links below.
    首先,您需要下载 IPFS 客户端。
  2. Run IPFS app.
    运行 IPFS 客户端。
  3. Click the IPFS.Local button, and then you will download the app via your own proxy.
    点击 IPFS.Local 按钮,便可通过本地代理下载App。

IPFS app download links / IPFS 客户端下载链接