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About US / 关于我们

We are committed to providing users with a safer, faster and simpler App sharing site. 我们致力于为用户提供一个 更安全更快速更简单的mac分享站。

Safer / 更安全

  • All apps have not been modified, only renamed, you can check the file hash which inside the DMG package. 所有App都未进行过任何修改,您可以通过App内的hash校验工具进行HASH比对。
  • All apps are from the TNT team, HCiSO team, MAS(Mac App Store) or other crack teams and open source author, we do not crack them at all.
    所有App均来自TNT、HCiSO、MAS(Mac App Store)或其它破解团队及一些开源作者,我们不进行任何破解。

Faster / 更快速

  • Updates will be released as soon as possible.
  • We upload the Apps both to cloud drive and IPFS system.
  • We bought the cloud drive VIP account to provide you with high-speed free download service.
  • We upload the Apps to the decentralized network storage system, through the P2P protocol, we can get faster resource download service.

Simpler / 更简单

  • Simple pages with simple operation, only two steps are required to complete the download.